A Conversation that never is……

Yesterdays sermon at our church was based around how God includes everyone within His grace and mercy, and the inclusion of everyone within the church…..I have to say this sermon has been on my mind since and some Sunday morning sermons it really feels like we should have the right to reply, instead of being preached to, maybe the congregation should be encouraged to be preached WITH, thus including the congregation in the service in more ways than just getting them to mumble hymns at their own feet.  Maybe if we encouraged conversation instead of conversion there maybe more people to mumble those hymns at their feet!!!


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Slight Missing Of The Point

Attending a house group tonigt with a theme from 1 John and a speaker pushing home the point in one part of her 45 minute talk about remaining faithful and sticking with it through thick and thin, the first comments that come from some of the others were “ooh she went on a bit” and “oh she laboured her point”. I find this quite sad, not only had they seemed not even to stuck with the talk they had just heard, but they seemed to be trashing the time and effort the group leader had put into the evening, not to mention that he had paid for the talk in its digital form….what can I learn from this? Tolerance I hope.

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Steam Gala Visit



Today saw our visit to Nene Valley Railway Steam Gala, and a really enjoyable day it was you will see I’ve added a couple of pics, one of a very nice little loco that just done short runs through the tunnel and one of its plate, that i think may have been polished within an inch of its life.
Its good to support things like this, this is our history, our heritage, these are the machines that were the work horses of this country when they run the rails, and we should strive to preserve them for future generations…if we continue to support and attend and spread the word, then this can survive and more importantly grow into the future…..
Maybe the same could be said for our Churches

Just a thought.

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New Minister – New Start

So today saw our new Minister take his first service at our Church, and what a breath of fresh air he is, he in no way held back or put on a first day front, I think what we saw, is who he is, starting the service with no introit, but instead, a track from Phatfish I think raised some eyebrows, and he certainly picked a punchy subject for his intro to us, but for my opinion what a great breath of fresh air he is going to be, he just needs to be allowed to lead us in the direction he believes we need to be led, and I pray he is given the time and freedom to do that, I also believe that he could be just what we need to attract families on a Sunday morning, as we desperately need to bring our average age down, the future of our church is out there, and we need to show them what we have to offer is not a musty Sunday morning hour to pass round the mints and have a snooze, our church needs to expand its building beyond its walls and even beyond the car park, we are positioned in such a diverse city with soo many opportunities that need to be explored and used to spread the good news of Jesus, and to almost “sell” ourselves to show we have more to offer a family or anyone on a Sunday morning than the local retail park.

So in summary Mr New Minister, I pray for your success in our church and community, I pray you are given the tools, time and freedom to allow us to grow with you.

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All Forms Of Life

Having read a blog just the other day about smartphone use on public transport I today witnessed all forms of life on our local bus service, including the common smartphone user!!! all the way through to those cool lads who were proper street ‘innit, going to hangout in TK MAX for their new trainers, and on the trip home the lesser spotted chav from across the seas, clearly they have a farm abroad where they breed candidates for the Jeremy Kyle show, I really do believe that the older I get the lower my tolerance…… Is It Me?

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One more year

One more year until the title of this blog will have to change to the Thoughts of a 40 something, ive made 39 years on this dear planet of ours, and as usual these days, i have more best wishes on Facebook than actual cards.

My darling wife has bought me a RC helicopter, so i will soon be taking a trip to the DIY store to purchase glue, to mend all the broken things in the sitting room.

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Views On A Challenging Week Away

Allow me to start by saying that a week away with my wife is my idea of perfection, however, some of the added company that also come away with us has made me realise that all the years I’ve not wanted children have in no way been wasted, but had we had children I hope no one would ever need to blog about their bad behaviour.

I truly believe that any child’s behaviour comes from those around them, however, experiencing the rudeness, and downright ignorance I have this week on a holiday park in the east of England leads me to confirm this view.

I am no super parent by any means and a lot of people will disagree with my views on how children should be raised, but I promise you this reader, had any child of mine spoken and behaved in any way I have witnessed this week, I would be devastated.

Manners cost nothing, and children don’t come with instructions, but please, at least take some time to control your child in such a way that mirrors what you hope that child to grow into.   and in the meantime I will pray for tolerance.

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The Week Ahead – One big highlight

So no kids group this week to look forward to, instead we have a exciting time ahead on Thursday, not only do we get to have a day at the coast, but we get to meet up with some family staying there, and the highlight of the entire trip wont be fish n chips at the seaside, it wont be playing the penny machines, it wont even be the walk along the prom prom prom with my beloved,  no  the highlight will be we get to go and see a caravan!!!!!!!!  I can hardly wait, Ive never seen a caravan before

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Family Week

So family week, yes it is we had a nice family BBQ yesterday although the weather was not as good as promised, but dry, today is a family birthday and a get together with a cuppa and a slice of cake, and then Wednesday morning I get to decide who is allowed in or out of our church toddler group!!!!   so family week

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Busy Day in ways

Busy day in ways but not much to report on, only a new tattoo for S and piercing for me, only on earth would you actually pay money to someone to freely stab you in the nipple!!!!!

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